Friday, December 16, 2005

Breaking glass

Tomorrow we are breaking down the glass studio. I have been down there since March and it's time. It's $230 a month and it's been great but time to down size. I did rent a new storage space today for $50 a month. But it will be to keep boxes and studio furniture. And anything else that clutters the house too much. It will also help my brain focus on the task at hand of staging the house to sell. Plus whatever is going to be sold after we move by my friend Peggy.

I have been doing oil paintings a little. I was really inspired in Portland. I keep forgetting I am not a realistic painter. I kinda hate it. For my own work I prefer a looser style. Funny how one forgets the obvious. I also have been thinking of finding a life coach or get my astrological chart done. I need some guidance. Sigh, so much to do....


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